3 benefits that mainly fathers offer

3 benefits that mainly fathers offer

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In general children are better off when they are raised by both mother and father. That’s because each parent provides different kinds of care. Generally speaking, mothers offer cuddles and comfort, while fathers have a more rough and tumble approach to parenting. Numerous studies show that children who are involved with their father from childhood have an advantage both socially and academically.

In an article published in LiveScience, Jeremy Schneider, a family therapist and the author of the e-book “Hey Dads … You Matter!”, explains that having two primary caregivers can help your child experience the world from different perspectives, opening up their minds to so much more.

Here are three benefits of having a dad to parent children.

Real talk

Most dads don’t indulge in the sing-song voices and baby talk that women seem to be more comfortable with. They tend to talk to their infants in a normal adult way. According to a study while baby talk can help children’s language skills, hearing normal conversation can help children better understand the world of adults which they will later be part of.


While moms spend more time with their kids in general, fathers tend to be more focused on games and play when with their children. One study found that women tend to multitask as they take care of their kids – the focus is often on child and home care. Fathers, however, are more likely to be fully involved when spending time with their kids. This could be because mothers are often the ones with the majority of childcare responsibilities. Even so, men tend to spend the time they have with their kids engaging them in activities, play and conversation.

Real world lessons

Fathers tend to discipline their children using real-life consequences as examples when correcting bad behaviour. They’re also less eager to step in when their child is struggling with a problem, which helps kids try to figure out solutions themselves. A 1995 study in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry found that kids who had dads that were involved in their childhood tended to have higher IQs by the time they were 3 years old.

Children whose fathers play an active role in their lives also seem to be happier overall, more tolerant to stresses and less likely to go through anxiety, fear and guilt and depression later in life.

Give time to your child

So if you’re a dad, one of the best things you can give your child is your time. Remember, studies show that it’s not the quantity but the quality, so even a few minutes in the morning and evening can add value.

Be proactive

Making time also means being proactive. Be it taking the baby to bed or changing their diapers at night, fathers can always take over for some daddy-baby bonding activities.

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