A parent’s guide to clothing and weather: monsoons

Photo: Gamut Stock Images

Photo: Gamut Stock Images

Indian monsoons can be a time of fun and frolic, as the rains bring in promise of life for the parched fields. But, they can also be worrying for parents of young kids, as weather changes can cause fevers to spike, runny noses to set in and infections to flourish. Monsoon clothing is imperative to keep kids safe during this time.

Monsoon: The rainy season in India usually occurs from mid-June till about mid-September. Rainfall in certain parts of the country increase significantly during July and August. In addition, pockets of India experience what are known as short rains in April and October, which, although not heavy in intensity, can still affect the health of children.

What should they wear, to keep them in top shape during the monsoons? It’s key to protect the head, the chest and the feet during the rains. Clothes that repel water and keep the children dry are the best options.


  • Invest in fabrics such as Rexene, plastic and Perspex to ensure that the kids stay dry and comfortable during peak rainy season.
  • Chiffon and nylon are ideal to wear under rain-protection gear, as these materials can dry quickly even if they were to get wet.
  • Since mud and water are both inevitable during the monsoon, it’s critical to wear light fabrics such as cotton, gabardine and silk-blended outfits so that you can get out those stubborn stains easily.


  • Jeans, denims and other heavy fabrics as they tend to retain water and take too long to dry out, given that the sun doesn’t stay out long enough for that to happen.
  • Knitted and woollen clothes, as they can shrink due to water retention and stick to the body.

For the head:

  • Protect the head with rain caps, umbrellas and hooded Rexene coats.
  • You also get umbrella-shaped hats or ‘hatrellas’ for young children which are both colourful and hands-free protection!

For the body:

  • Use lightweight rain-protection gear such as raincoats.
  • For young kids, some raincoats come with a belt to secure the light material closer to the body, especially if there is a wind blowing.
  • Jackets and shrugs should come out of the closet now so the kids can be fashionable and safe at the same time.

For the feet:

  • Use galoshes or wet boots to keep the water at bay and to keep the feet dry even if the kids were to step into gigantic puddles.
  • Invest in rubber slippers so they are easy to clean when they get muddy or dirty in the rain.
  • Sandals with straps, crocs and flip-flops are all suitable for kids. The variety of colours and cartoon characters in each category will keep kids happy.

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