Research shows that genes play a large role in determining personality. A new study finds that motivation to study is also genetic. Click to read more.

Motivation to study is genetic

How much a child understands the passing away of a loved one is based on many factors such as their maturity, age, character and previous experience.

Discussing death with kids

The south of India, which has generally been considered to have better health trends, is now leading in the occurrence of diabetes among its population. Click to read more.

Diabetes is increasing in India’s south

Using TV as a reward or a babysitter is a convenient option for parents, but is it helping develop bad habits in children? Click to read more.

Offering TV as a reward has risks

We may not yet be living in a world where robots mix with us every day, but at least one researcher thinks that day is near when it comes to robot pets.

Robot pets are coming soon, maybe

Everything you need to know about chickenpox

The most effective method of preventing chickenpox is by getting the vaccine. It is given in two doses and can prevent the disease developing in most cases. Click to learn more.

Everything you need to know about chikenpox