We may not yet be living in a world where robots mix with us every day, but at least one researcher thinks that day is near when it comes to robot pets.

Robot pets are coming soon, maybe

You may think that your dog or cat is made of stronger stuff, but even animals need extra care as temperatures soar. Here are some tips to help your pets beat the heat.

How to care for pets in hot weather

Potty training your pup is all about sticking to a routine and positive reinforcement. Click to learn more.

Housebreaking a puppy

A responsible seller and the right puppy from a litter can make a big difference in the health and behaviour of the dog while it is with you. Here are 9 tips to selecting a puppy.

9 tips to remember when selecting a puppy

If you have a new puppy or even an older dog, here are a few suggestions from experts on how to give her or him an effective and stress-free bath.

9 simple tips to bathing a puppy

When bringing home a new kitten, the transition from leaving his or her mother and siblings can be tough for the little thing. Here are a few tips to preparing the way.

11 tips to prepare for a new kitten

Street dogs have rights too!

Street dogs also have the right to stay within their locality. Municipal authorities or private citizens may not displace or chase away a street dog.

Street dogs have rights too!

Puppies need special care in the first months of their lives, especially when weaning them from their mother’s milk to a puppy diet of regular food. Know more on how to feed your puppies.

Here’s how to feed your puppies

While it’s quite easy to evaluate whether your dog is overweight, with cats it can be a bit harder. Here are the key areas you will likely have to focus to deal with overweight cats.

How to deal with overweight cats