47 easy chores your kids can do

47 easy chores your kids can do

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Doing chores teaches your child a sense of responsibility and contribution. It teaches them valuable lessons in how a household is run, which can benefit them growing up and through adulthood. There is also the added benefit of sharing the workload which gives parents a bit of time off. If your child isn’t doing chores already, here are some suggestions on getting you started. Even little kids can help out in small ways.

Being organised about chore duties is the first step in getting help around the house. Make a list of what your children can contribute to according to their ages and assign them weekly and daily chores and deadlines. Ask them to tick mark the list when that chore has been completed. Tell them exactly what each chore entails so that they don’t find a way to sidestep work. Don’t be a perfectionist, though. If you know your kid is putting genuine effort, correct them gently and don’t redo their work to make it seem futile. You could even do chores together at first to make sure your child gets into the right swing of things.

Most experts advise parents to avoid using monetary incentives to get chores done. Children should understand that doing housework is contributing to the household and part of their duty. This is especially true for younger children. When your kids are older, you could give them some money for doing extra work in order to motivate them.

Don’t over do it, they are kids after all. In general they shouldn’t have to spend more than an hour or two per week on chores. Also, let them set their own schedule (if it is possible), then hold them to it.

Here is a rough guide of age-appropriate tasks you can get your kids to help out with:

  • 2-3 years: Toddlers as young as two and three can be taught to put their toys by after they’ve finished playing and help in other ways with supervision. At this age don’t expect consistency, and once the novelty wears off they may not do the chore any more. Then it’s time to find another way they can help.With supervision
    1. help dust
    2. help put away toys
    3. help feed pet


    On their own

    1. put non-breakable plates and utensils on table
    2. put laundry for washing
  • 4-6 years: By the time your child starts school he will be old enough to make his own bed, water plants, help clear up the table and wipe up spills.With supervision
    1. help set the table
    2. help feed pets
    3. help straighten out shoes in rack
    4. help water plants
    5. help make bed
    6. help wipe up messes
    7. help clear table
    8. help give pets a bath
    9. help put away groceries


    On their own

    1. put away toys/things
    2. put laundry for washing
    3. straighten out shoes in rack
    4. put things away around the house
  • 7-9 years: By this age children can start exercising a little judgement and engaging in multi-step tasks, like doing the dishes, helping wash the vehicle or preparing simple dishes.With supervision
    1. help water plants
    2. clean room with direction
    3. dust
    4. vacuum
    5. help wash the car
    6. help with laundry
    7. help wash dishes or unload dishwasher
    8. feed pets (depends on type of pet and how your comfortable your child is interacting with the pet)
    9. help make dinner


    On their own

    1. make bed
    2. set the table
    3. clear the table
    4. put laundry in basket
    5. sort clean clothes
    6. put away groceries
    7. give pets a bath
  • 10 and over: Once your child is older, you can assign him more complex tasks such as cooking basic meals with your help, ironing his uniform and changing bed sheets.On their own
    1. clean around the kitchen
    2. dust
    3. vacuum
    4. feed pets
    5. water plants
    6. help with laundry and eventually start doing own laundry
    7. sort clean laundry
    8. take garbage out
    9. set the table
    10. clear the table
    11. help make dinner/make small meals on own
    12. wash car
    13. wash dishes/load or empty dishwasher

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