CBSE results are not the end of the world. Really!

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The helpline for advice on health-related issues, 104, has received an overwhelming number of calls this month from students who are anxious about the CBSE results and their parents. For those who got the marks they hoped for, congratulations. For those who did not, the advice to parents and students from psychologists is to remember that absolute marks are not terribly important when it comes to getting into a good line of work.

Psychologist Rajini Nandakumar, says, “Parents should set an example by being relaxed. This will put less pressure on their children. Both need to realise that anxiety is not going to help.” And as Dr. Lakshmi advises,

The first step to helping your children cope is to start with your own expectations. Parents tend to put their expectations and anxieties of exams on their children, and children may not be able to handle the pressure. When it comes to CBSE results, “We know that there is no difference between a kid who scores 90 and one who scores 95. This has to be accepted by the parents and students; they need to move forward with what they get,” says Dr. Lakshmi Vijayakumar, founder-trustee, Sneha Suicide Prevention Centre.

She says that for students who are disappointed about their exam performance, parents can console their children by telling them that it is not a failure on their part, but a failure of the system. Parents need to avoid comparing their children with cousins (or anyone else for that matter) when it comes to academic achievements. Otherwise that could cause children unnecessary stress.

Of course, it is true that if your child doesn’t get above the cutoff then he or she may not get into the university of her choice, and that may seem like all that matters at this point. However, with a expected growth in the number of skilled jobs in the coming years, there will be more career opportunities than ever before.

Hema Latha, a psychologist working with the 104 helpline has been handling calls from concerned parents and students. She told New Indian Express that there are many allied courses that parents can look at. Even if a child doesn’t get into MBBS, there are paramedical courses, for example. She advises both parents and students to consider all their options.

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