A responsible seller and the right puppy from a litter can make a big difference in the health and behaviour of the dog while it is with you. Here are 9 tips to selecting a puppy.

9 tips to remember when selecting a puppy

If you have a new puppy or even an older dog, here are a few suggestions from experts on how to give her or him an effective and stress-free bath.

9 simple tips to bathing a puppy

As you worry about the perfect cot or chew sticks, don'f forget that you also need to train your puppy. The sooner you start the easier it will be.

Train your puppy from the first day

Conventional food brands are marketing their products similar to organic food brands, and consumers may be none the wiser. Click to read more.

Organic food has imitators

A Canadian woman got the shock of her life on a flight to Japan when she gave surprise birth to a baby while flying over the Pacific Ocean. Click to read more.

When “gas” turns out to be a baby

Getting children to pay attention in class for long periods is a challenge for any teacher, but giving them standing desks seems to help. Click to read more.

Standing desks get kids’ attention

A shortened school work week allows kids to spend more time at home, freeing up space for extracurricular activities and necessary free time. However, the timings will be hell on kids and adults.

Maharashtra schools go back to 5-day workweek

When bringing home a new kitten, the transition from leaving his or her mother and siblings can be tough for the little thing. Here are a few tips to preparing the way.

11 tips to prepare for a new kitten

The right age to bring a puppy home

What's the right age to bring a puppy home? Different experts have different ideas, but most will say after she has reached 8 weeks of age.

The right age to bring a puppy home