Pregnant women have lowered immunity and even the seasonal flu can pose major risks. India's gynaecological group urges pregnant women to get the flu vaccine.

Pregnant women urged to get flu vaccine

An editorial published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine argues that in order to lose weight, people should focus more on what they eat than on exercise. Click to read more.

Focus on food, not exercise, to lose weight

In an online fundraising drive that was nothing like a swayamvar, men still competed to appear more generous, especially if the person receiving the money was an attractive female. Men are creatures of evolution.

No surprise: men compete to impress attractive women

Malaria kills around 1,300 children every day in sub-Saharan Africa alone. A new malaria vaccine, the first ever, has the potential to prevent millions of malaria cases. Click to read more.

New malaria vaccine would be a breakthrough

Estimates are that myopia affects about one in three people in India and the number of children developing it is on the rise. Click to read how to take precautions.

More sun, less TV to prevent myopia

Many busy fathers would like to be more involved and spend time with their children. Here are a few suggestions to get started.

Tips for busy fathers

Despite the prevalence of diabetes in India, many people still don't know the facts about the disease, its causes and how to treat it. Click to learn more.

9 common myths about diabetes

Dealing with trauma or conflict is something that everyone has to go through some time. However, it can be overwhelming for children. Click to read more.

Helping children cope with trauma

Potty training your pup is all about sticking to a routine and positive reinforcement. Click to learn more.

Housebreaking a puppy

The many health benefits of sleep

Many studies have demonstrated the health benefits of sleep, including weight control, immunity, muscle strength and sexual health.

The many health benefits of sleep

A new study from Japan echoes the sentiments of advocates for attachment parenting and mothers world over: holding a fussing baby can calm them down and let you get to the root of their dissatisfaction.

Hold tight: Carry your baby to calm her down