Malaria kills around 1,300 children every day in sub-Saharan Africa alone. A new malaria vaccine, the first ever, has the potential to prevent millions of malaria cases. Click to read more.

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Estimates are that myopia affects about one in three people in India and the number of children developing it is on the rise. Click to read how to take precautions.

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Despite the prevalence of diabetes in India, many people still don't know the facts about the disease, its causes and how to treat it. Click to learn more.

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A new study from Japan echoes the sentiments of advocates for attachment parenting and mothers world over: holding a fussing baby can calm them down and let you get to the root of their dissatisfaction.

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Getting children to pay attention in class for long periods is a challenge for any teacher, but giving them standing desks seems to help. Click to read more.

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