Estimates are that myopia affects about one in three people in India and the number of children developing it is on the rise. Click to read how to take precautions.

More sun, less TV to prevent myopia

Many busy fathers would like to be more involved and spend time with their children. Here are a few suggestions to get started.

Tips for busy fathers

Dealing with trauma or conflict is something that everyone has to go through some time. However, it can be overwhelming for children. Click to read more.

Helping children cope with trauma

A new study from Japan echoes the sentiments of advocates for attachment parenting and mothers world over: holding a fussing baby can calm them down and let you get to the root of their dissatisfaction.

Hold tight: Carry your baby to calm her down

A Canadian woman got the shock of her life on a flight to Japan when she gave surprise birth to a baby while flying over the Pacific Ocean. Click to read more.

When “gas” turns out to be a baby

When bringing home a new kitten, the transition from leaving his or her mother and siblings can be tough for the little thing. Here are a few tips to preparing the way.

11 tips to prepare for a new kitten